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The Bar Truss Load Tables shown here are for basic Colorado Front Range Load Designs.  They are provided for a sense of what a cold formed steel bar truss can do.  To compare load capacity to that of a structural steel bar joist table you must multiply the total worse case load combination as defined in ASCE’s current “Minimum Design Loads for Building and Other Structures” ( or as defined in the current International Building Code) by the truss specified on center spacing (in feet) to obtain a total load in pounds per linear foot (plf).  You also need to calculate snow and/or live load in the same way to get the live load in pound per linear foot (plf).  With these values you can look up the equivalent Bar Joist in any bar joist manufacturers’ catalog.  As always, for any specific design project contact Rusk Component and Design for a design quote to ensure the best price and proper roof/floor designs.

BJK 1 Chord 3D
BJK 2 Chord 3D
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